Carbon Black

A secure WordPress site build for a cutting edge security company.

Cybersecurity has become a big data problem. Solving it requires sophisticated analytics and the computational power and agility of the cloud. Carbon black is transforming cybersecurity with a new generation of cloud-delivered security solutions designed to protect against the most advanced threats.

Security First

WordPress core, in and of itself, is a competivly secure platform. However for a company whose reputation is built on security, we had to go the extra mile: 

  • Thorough code auditing
  • Systematic Separation of Concerns
  • Code sanitization
  • Enterprise level penetreation testing  audit and response

Modern WordPress Stack

For Carbon Black, we archietected a modern approach to WordPress application building based on the popular Trellis package:

  • Ansible/Vagrant based project automation and environent deployment strategy
  • Composer dependency management  
  • Powerful postprocesssing tools with gulp 
  • Twig based templating 

The power of data based marketing 

In order to provide the Carbon Black team with valuable statistical marketing data, we implemented: 

  • Custom GTM tracking scripts
  • A/B and mulitivariate testing 
  • Seemless and extensive integration with Marketo 

Advanced Animation Techniques

Part of the front end called for interactive animation, executed in threeJS featuring real time user interactivity via high performance 3D animation. 

Site -
Year - 2017
Development Timeline - 3 months

CMS - WordPress
LittleBox's role
- Web development and Project Management
Direct Client - DMI