Created with Drupal CMS, has been built with a panels everywhere approach. This means the client has access to an intuitive graphical interface for creating content and placing it anywhere within any page, anywhere on the site! No more rigid page templates, forcing preconceived content organization to dictate the flow of newly published material. After designing several base building block templates, the digital strategists at Fox Marin are now autonomous in their ability to build rich content pages from the ground up. Advanced bootstrap widget integration in CKeditor means access to a library of visual effects and formatting options.

Additional features
Pixel perfect design adaptation and integration from supplied designs
Fully responsive
Highly tuned for low latency performance


About Fox Marin
Fox Marin are a leading Toronto Real estate agency, helping homeowner buy their first studio loft up to brokering large scale development deals. They offer expert consultation, unparalleled customer service with the best-in-class marketing, branding and design. With the evolution of communications, and access to information, Fox Marin has evolved the way they do business, providing competitive, progressive methods and services to clients of all sizes and situations. To match their online persona with their razor sharp business acumen, Fox Marin partnered with August Industries to create a powerful and flexible portfolio website, with inventive design and leading technologies.

LittleBox's role - Website architecture and web development
Client - Art & Mechanical