Information Builders

Drupal 8: A Page Builder's Dream

The mandate for the Information Builder's rebuild was to create a series of flexible, highly utilitarian modular page elements, which could be placed at the CMS content editor's discretion. We leveraged the power of D8 paragraphs to implement this vision, bringing a cutting-edge agency designs to life within the CMS:

  • Clean data management 
  • Flexible yet robust content placement 
  • Design navigation and creativity for the content builders, within the defined style guide. 
  • Elastic content interconnectivity   

A Migration Challenge 

For this build, we needed to import almost the entirety of the content and article taxonomy (naming and organizating convention) from their legacy site. Since the data modelling was varied so drastically, a turnkey solution was out of the question.  

Built custom connectors from the legacy site 
Handled varied types of multimedia import, mapping and formatting 
Handled multilingual content import, translation mapping and management 
Smart taxonomy and tag structure importing   

Site -
Year - 2017

CMS - Drupal
LittleBox's role
- Web development and Project Management
Client - DMI