For its MegaBloks brand of products, Mattel implements a diverse series of Drupal 7 multisites. 

MEGA™, the number two construction brand and part of the Mattel portfolio, organizes its big-block product line under the Mega Bloks® name and introduces Mega Construx™, a new sub-brand of construction sets designed for kids ages four through adult collectors. The new Mega Construx™ line offers the most detailed and authentic micro-figures in the construction aisle, so fans can immerse themselves in the worlds they love.

The Mega Construx™ area of Mattel® toys is a collection of brand micro-environments, consumer/client portals,  and front facing marketing microsites, featuring games,  interactive media, ecommerce and more.

Challenging and detail oriented design work, top notch UX structured around fun and simplicity, as well as cutting edge tecnical execution create an environment of over 34 web properties which must all play nicely with each another.  

MEGA™ solves its technical challenges in a sereis of interesting ways:

  • Large scale Drupal 7 multisites deployment 
  • Central Enterprise Service Bus which provides a robust API data layer
  • Module based microsite deployment 
  • SSO 
  • Vagrant based imaging and devlopment workflow control across environments and VCS 

Littlebox has had the privilege to work on a range of MEGA™ brand portals projects with tasks including:

  • Robust ESB / API integration and quality control
  • Process consulting for modernizing DevOps and dev tool chains
  • Design processing, quality control and workflow 
  • Worldwide localization and geolocation integration    
  • Deviser web property maintenance, refactoring quality control
  • Interactive Javascript game integration

Sites can be viewed from Mega Construx -
Year - 2015 - 2018

CMS - Drupal
LittleBox's role
- Web development
Client - Mattel