The Internet & Television Association represents network innovators and content creators that connect, entertain, inform and inspire consumers every day. NCTA’s members have invested $250 billion in private capital to build the world’s most powerful technology platform, reaching 93 percent of American homes and serving 59 million customers. More than 200 programming networks are creating imaginative, popular and award-winning television content. Our industry supports 2.7 million American jobs and employs at least 300 people in every congressional district.

Drupal 8: Pagebuilding with Symfony and Twig.

Some of the powerful features we leveraged for D8 on the NCTA rebuild were: 

  • Simplified content authoring experience
  • API-driven content approach
  • Rest-first native web services
  • Seamless integration with existing technologies
  • Multilingual features and capabilities
  • Responsive by nature and mobile-first

With some new Drupal tools in our kit, like Twig & Symfony foundation, creating cleanly written, highly reusable content modelling became a long sought after Drupal reality.

Content is well defined, powered by the flexibility of paragraphs and made reusable and DRY with the fantastic view modes module family. 

Tricky SEO 

NCTA called for something of an SEO challenge: single page views with aggregated content that had to act like unique page views. 

We architected a solution to get the best of both worlds; allowing for accurate, granular GTM reporting, with unique, page based articles adding their proper weight to our SEO rank, all the while maintaining a seamless '1 page' app experience for those demanding sections. 

Site -
Year - 2017

CMS - Drupal
LittleBox's role
- Web development and Project Management
Client - DMI