What's Really Good Magazine

WRG is a collection of interviews, opinions and unique perspectives on culture for the creator generation: a modern, new media approach to lifestyle commentary, cultural insight, and arts news.

What's Really Magazine was built with the WordPress as a Framework mindset. In a process closely coupled with client needs, LittleBox iteratively built out a completely unique and customized theme involving: 

- The creation and refinement of advanced javascript controls for custom navigation
- Customized page controller for virtual routing and complex post organization and display
- Powerful editor GUI tool creation for granular control over article content and layout
- Custom ad management for visually appealing parallax ad insertion
- Mobile responsive theming to create unique user experiences across devices
- Multisite content importing to collect the WRG family content under one application

Site - wrgmag.com
Year - 2015
CMS - WordPress
LittleBox's role
- Website architecture and web development
Client - WRG Communications